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Shakespeare For The Young is a company of puppeteers and designers dedicated to bringing Shakespeare's stories and poetry to young audiences through the medium of puppets.

Shakespeare For The Young's mission is to bring Shakespeare's poetry and wisdom to children and families, especially those in underserved neighborhoods in DC.

Based on the fairy story from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Midsummer Magic is Shakespeare For The Young's first show. Our second show is The Tiniest Tempest, based on Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest. Both shows include music and audience participation. The third show, Adventures in Arden, based on As You Like It, is set in Africa and includes African instruments for children to play.

Shakespeare For The Young performs free shows at Anacostia Playhouse, thanks to a generous grant from The DC Commission of The Arts and Humanities. 

Shakespeare For The Young was part of INTERSECTIONS 2016 and INTERSECTIONS 2018 at Atlas Performing Arts Center. SFTY performed for a week in May 2017 and for a week in October 2018 at Atlas Performing Arts Center.
The Folger Shakespeare Library has invited Shakespeare For The Young to perform at Shakespeare's birthday in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Shakespeare For The Young performs for free at Libraries in The Dictrict of Columbia, thanks to generous grants from The DC Commission of the Art and Humanities.

In 2019 Shakespeare For The Young will perform at Anacostia Playhouse, Atlas Performing Arts Center, The National Theatre, Strathmore Mansion, and DC Libraries around Washington DC.

​​ ​​

Shakespeare For The Young is designed to bring Shakespeare to young audiences.  

The target ages are 2-10.  

Puppeteers use the medium of puppetry in combination with the artists' voices to present the stories and poetry of Shakespeare.  

The goal is to provide children with a fun, interactive cultural experience that will encourage language growth, risk-taking creativity, and empathy for others.

The puppeteers provide a workshop with music and movement after the performance to help children explore their imaginations.
20​20 Shannon Place, SE
Washington, DC 20020
Saturdays at 10:30am
March 9, April 6, May 11, June 8

FREE PERFORMANCES thanks to a generous grant from The DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities

1333 H Street, NE
Washington, DC 10002
February 23 9:30 am

1321 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004
March 16 at 9:30 & 11:00 AM

201 East Capitol St.SE 20003
April 14 @ 12:15 & 2 PM

10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852
September 21 @ 10:15 & 11:30

Capitol River Front, WDC 20003
August 14 @ 10:30 

1800 Good Hope Road, SE       20020
Thursday, ​June 20, 10:30 & 11:30

115 Atlantic St, SW 20032
Thursday, March 21 @ 4:00
Tuesday, June 11 @10:30

5005 Central Ave, SE 20003
Tuesday, March 26 @ 10:30

1350 49th Street, NE, 20019
Wednesday, June 26 @ 10:30
Wednesday, August 7 @ 10:30

3660 Alabama Avenue, SE 20020
Tuesday, May 14 @ 10:30

1360 16th Street NW, 20010
Wednesday, April 10 @ 2:00

330 7th Street, NE 20002
Wednesday, April 17 @ 2:00

403 7th St SE WDC 20003
Saturday, March 23 @ 1:00

1801 Hamlin St NE, 20018
Saturday, September 28 @ 10:30

NEWS 2019
JANUARY Annie Houston has purchased a van for Shakespeare For The Young with a generous fellowhip  
grant she received from DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities.  The Van has magnetic stickers with our logo on both sides. 

FEBRUARY Shakespeare For The Young launched Adventures in Arden for INTERSECTIONS 2019 at Atlas Performing Arts Center to a sold out house.

MARCH A reprieve of Midsummer Magic at The National Theatre brought in large audiences.  

APRIL SFTY has been having wonderfully full houses when we perform, sometimes to as many as 100 people.  

NEWS 2018
2/18 We launched The Tiniest Tempest at Strathmore to a warm audience of 79.  The performance was well received with parents and children lingering after to examine the puppets and backstage work.

2/24  A wonderful show today at Atlas Performing Arts Center for their INTERSECTIONS 2018.  

3/3 We had our first of many DC Library performances at Bellvue to a fabulous audience.  Their engaged response made us aware of why we perform for families in underserved neighborhoods. We are looking forward to returning to Bellevue this summer.  We are looking forward to performing at other Libraries in DC.   

3/23  We are thrilled to be hired by Atlas Performing Arts Center to perform in the fall, October 23-28.

4/22  Celebrating Shakespeare's Birthday at The Folger in The Garden on a beautiful day was a blast.

5/5 Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum hosted us on Saturday.  We were delighted to perform to an appreciative audience.   

5/10 Adventures in Arden has a rough draft of the text.  One song is written, the backdrop for the shadow puppets is being created, and the heads for the puppets have been constructed.  We are underway.  

JUNE Wonderful to repeat our visits to NE Library and Deanwood Library with both Midsummer Magic and The Tiniest Tempest. 

JULY Dreaming of buying a van to haul our shows in.  

AUGUST  A busy month with three shows.  We love the variety of our audiences, both in size and ages.  The artistry of our shows seem to appeal to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to ten year olds.

SEPTEMBER  We performed for the first time at historical Mt. Pleasant Library, where we were wonderfully well received.

OCTOBER  We had a week long gig at Atlas Performing Arts Center.  We love these 

NOVEMBER  We received a generous grant from DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities to continue our
work of presenting Shakespeare to young audiences in DC

DECEMBER  We are delighted to welcome Gregory Ford as an actor for Shakespeare For The Young
We have been chosen to present our newest work, Adventures in Arden, at INTERSECTIONS 2019 at      
Atlas Performing Arts Center
Rehearsals for Adventures in Arden are underway.

NEWS 2017
Excited about our partnership with Anacostia Playhouse.
Free Performances every month on Saturday at 10:30: 6/24, 7/22, 8/26, 9/23.

​4/16 Shakespeare For The Young performed Midsummer Magic at The Folger for Shakespeare's birthday celebration on Sunday, April 23 at 12 noon and 2 in The Garden

5/16 Shakespeare For The Young has just booked performances at 4 Washington DC Libraries:
NE Library Wednesday 6/28 at 1:00 pm
Anacostia Library Wednesday 7/19 at 10:30
Deanwood Library Wednesday 8/2 at 10:30
Woodbridge Library Saturday 9/16 at 10:30

Shakespeare For The Young performed for Theater For The Very Young at Atlas Performing Arts Center

9/17 As summer draws to a close, Shakespeare For The Young is excited about the developments of the past several months: performing Midsummer Magic at DC Libraries in addition to our regular gigi at Anacostia Playhouse and the evolution of The Tiniest Tempest. The script has become stronger and clearer. The puppets are created and the costumes made. The soundscape is composed and we are about to record Ariel's three songs in a studio. The backdrop is emerging as a big wave that hosts a moon where the shadow puppets will appear.
Strathmore in Maryland has invited us to be part of a Poe and Shakespeare exhibition where we will perform The Tiniest Tempest for young audiences and their families.

10/7 We are excited to announce that The DC Commission for The Arts and Humanities has awarded a generous grant to Shakespeare For The Young for 2018. The grant will enable free performances of The Tiniest Tempest to audiences in the DC area and the creation of As You Like It as our new show.

12/17 What a wonderful year this has been. The Tiniest Tempest is almost ready to present to our first venue in 2018 and bookings from DC Public Libraries are starting to materialize.  

NEWS 2016
​​3/16   Midsummer Magic had two successful performances during INTERSECTIONS 2016 at Atlas Performing Arts Center. Shakespeare For The Young was tapped by Theater for the Very Young to perform May 2017 again at Atlas.

4/16   Shakespeare For The Young will be performing Midsummer Magic at The Folger for Shakespeare's Birthday on Sunday, April 24.  Free performances are at 12 noon and 2 pm in The Garden.

6/16   Construction of The Tiniest Tempest has started!  It is a play based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and created for 4-10 year olds.

7/16   Shakespeare For The Young will be performing at Anacostia Playhouse Saturday, August 6 and Saturday, August 13 at 10:30 AM.  Tickets are $5

8/16   Read Jane Horwitz's article in The Washington Post about children's theater in the DC area. Shakespeare For The Young is listed.

9/16   Just finished composing Ariel's songs for The Tiniest Tempest.  The script has been created.  Now we are working on creating space for children's interactions during the performance.  Master puppeteer Matt Magee and artist Tati Kaupp have given invaluable advise about creating puppets and set.

9/16   ​Watch for future postings of new performances of Midsummer Magic.

10/16  Shakespeare For The Young just received a grant from The District of Columbia Commission of The Arts and Humanities to bring our shows to DC inner city children.

12/27 Just finished composing Ferdinand and Miranda's song about Friendship.  Creating shadow puppets for The Tiniest Tempest.